What is coaching?

Coaching is best described as 'a conversation with a purpose'.

As your coach, I will deploy my skills to help you address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in your life or profession. Other potential applications of coaching conversations include goal clarification, brainstorming, and identifying plans of action.

I will ask you lots of questions, listen intently to what you're saying, and encourage you to reflect in order to gain perspective on your challenges. Some of these questions may sometimes push you outside of your comfort zone, but they will always be asked with positive intent, with your best interests in mind.

How does coaching work?

How long will it take?

Typically a coaching session will take between 60-90mins, including time for a 5-10 debrief at the end of the session. Sometimes a session may take less time than expected, if a natural conclusion to the converation is reached, and we both agree that it feels right to bring things to a close.

Privacy & confidentiality

You can, at any point in the coaching session, declare your preference not to discuss a specific issue, by simply stating that you would rather not discuss this issue. I agree to respect this boundary and will not attempt to forward the conversation further along those lines.

I will work within the professional ethics and guidelines as designated by the International Coaching Federation (see www.coachfederation.org). All information about the coach/client relationship will remain strictly confidential except in very rare circumstances where decreed by law.

If you wish for me as your coach to speak to someone outside of our interactions, then I will require written permission (letter or email) to do so. Exceptions to confidentiality would relate to circumstances where serious intent to harm yourself or others arises. Otherwise, you can be assured that all your information will be kept entirely confidential.